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  We are a people and tech company developing a new model in a world of traditional insurance sales. With an ever changing market and the proliferation of social media our business model is more lucrative than ever before.
  We are passionate about creating an entrepreneurial platform for both personal producers who desire an active six figure income and builders who want to create a passive income stream where the sky is the limit.
  Our mission is to serve our agents by providing access to warm leads and a simple, yet, sophisticated selling system coupled with unparalleled support and leadership. We build leaders!
  Our carriers and their products are selected from the BEST in the industry and serve our primary markets of Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Annuities and Index Universal Life. Our top rated carriers include Foresters, United Home Life, and American Amicable.

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Mortgage Protection
Final Expense
Whole Life
Indexed Universal Life

Dr. Rita Law

Agency Manager

Dr. Rita Law holds a Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Arizona. She has been with Symmetry since January 2015 and with the help of her mentors, created one of the fastest growing agency’s in the company.

    Martin Klabunde

    Agency Manager

    Martin Klabunde has over 20 years in leadership, mentorship, and public speaking. He brings a wealth of knowledge to his relationships with new agents.

      Wilson Lota

      Key Leader

      Wilson brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to The Law Agency. He is a natural leader and and is rising thru the promotion levels fast!

        Frances Kaplan

        Key Leader

        Frances's product knowledge is second to none. Frances is very passionate about helping people, is 100% committed to the future growth of her team, and is on track to become an Agency Manager by early 2017. 

          Joe Fusco

          Team Leader

          A former Sr. executive in the mortgage industry, Joe is an expert team builder focusing supporting, training, product knowledge, and customer service.


            Merrilea Mayo

            Team Leader

            Merrilea is a diligent leader and a great asset to the team. Her favorite part of the job is working with new team members and watching them succeed in their new roles. 

              Roddy Jessup

              Producer / Team Builder

              Roddy brings a level of drive and ambition unmatched by most and is on track to be our next Agency Manger by the end of 2016.

                Dan Armstrong

                Producer / Team Builder

                Dan is a natural born leader. He has over 5 years of industry experience and brings powerful leadership abilities and deep sense of passion to the team!

                  Mario Davis Jr.

                  Producer / Team Builder

                  Mario is one of the most consistent producers we have. He is always positive and willing to go the extra mile for his team. Look for big things to come from Mario! 

                    Bill Laugaland

                    Producer / Team Builder

                    Bill is passionate about his business and works a hard to support his people. He is a great mentor and a big asset to The Law Agency. 

                      Greg Randall

                      Producer / Team Builder

                      Greg has been running businesses large and small for more than 25 years. Managing restaurants (including his own), big-box retail stores and various manufacturing companies helped create the skills he is utilizing now at Symmetry Financial Group.  

                        Andrew Jimenez

                        Producer / Team Builder

                        Andrew is an amazing producer and coach. His positive mindset and leadership skills make him an invaluable addition to the team! 

                          Burch Gibson

                          Producer / Team Builder

                          Burch came to Symmetry after leaving a career in marketing IT, now enjoying the freedom of being his own boss. He is a fast learner, a great producer and quickly building his team within the agency.

                            Shawn Price

                            Producer and Team Builder

                            Shawn is an expert in Advanced Market Products, a consistent producer and is building a strong team nationwide. Her positive mindset and abundance attitude is infectious!

                              We Help People! is passionate about creating an entrepreneurial platform for both personal producers who desire an active six-figure income and builders who want to create a passive income stream where the sky is the limit.

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