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  We are a people and tech company developing a new model in a world of traditional insurance sales. With an ever changing market and the proliferation of social media our business model is more lucrative than ever before.
  We are passionate about creating an entrepreneurial platform for both personal producers who desire an active six figure income and builders who want to create a passive income stream where the sky is the limit.
  Our mission is to serve our agents by providing access to warm leads and a simple, yet, sophisticated selling system coupled with unparalleled support and leadership. We build leaders!
  Our carriers and their products are selected from the BEST in the industry and serve our primary markets of Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Annuities and Index Universal Life. Our top rated carriers include Foresters, United Home Life, and American Amicable.

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Mortgage Protection
Final Expense
Whole Life
Indexed Universal Life

Dr. Rita Law and Martin Klabunde

Regional Agency Directors

    Dr. Rita Law holds a Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Arizona. Martin is a professional musician, entrepreneur, author, and business owner. They have been with Symmetry since January 2015 and with the help of their mentors, created one of the fastest growing agencies in the company.

    Andrew Jimenez

    Agency Owner

    Andrew is an amazing producer and coach. His positive mindset and leadership skills make him an invaluable addition to the team! 

      Rose & Dan Klabunde

      Agency Owners

      Rose brings to the Law Agency over 15 years in the insurance industry overseeing the licensing and application process as a Regional Office Mgr. with over 400 agents. Daniel has joined her with many years of sales, management and business ownership experience. They are here to serve!

        Frances Kaplan

        Agency Owner

        Frances's product and field underwriting knowledge is second to none.¬†Frances is very passionate about helping people, is 100% committed to the growth of her agents, and always strives to provide intentional leadership to uplift and guide her team.¬†Her training and mentoring skills, ability to inspire others to take action, and ‚Äúkeeping it real‚ÄĚ sense of humor are tremendous assets to her agency.

          Roddy Jessup

          Key Leader

          Roddy brings a level of drive and ambition unmatched by most and is on track to be our next Agency Owner by the end of 2017.

            Cynthia DeWet

            Key Leader

            Cynthia brings her drive, determination and inspiration to the team. She has an insatiable passion for helping others and is committed to her agents. Cynthia is one of our fastest growing teams and is an inspiration to everyone here!

              Jeff & Suzzanne Denson

              Team Leaders

              Jeff Denson began his career as an executive recruiter in the energy business in 1992. Suzzanne has worked as a paralegal for the same trial attorney for 28 years. They are committed to following the Symmetry system, to protecting families, and to building their own future in an ethical, energetic and positive manner.

                Greg Randall

                Team Leader

                Greg has been running businesses large and small for more than 25 years. Managing restaurants (including his own), big-box retail stores and various manufacturing companies helped create the skills he is utilizing now at Symmetry Financial Group.

                  Dan Armstrong

                  Team Leader

                  Dan is an advanced market pro. He has over 5 years of industry experience and brings his knowledge and passion to the team!

                    Joe Fusco

                    Team Leader

                    A former Sr. executive in the mortgage industry, Joe is an expert team builder focusing supporting, training, product knowledge, and customer service.

                      Bill Laugaland

                      Team Leader

                      Bill is passionate about his business and works a hard to support his people. He is a great mentor and a big asset to The Law Agency.

                        Brad Dolan

                        Team Leader

                        Brad is committed to helping people protect their futures. He is a positive, enthusiastic and diligent team builder and wants to help others grow into a leadership role with symmetry. He is on track to become an agency owner in 2017.

                          Rick Beets

                          Producer and Team Builder

                          Rick brings a unique focus on building successful teams with over 30 years of Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations. His consistency, drive and work ethic is an example of how to use the SFG system to its fullest and build agency strength for long term wealth.


                            Alex Gunnells

                            Office Manager

                              Being a part of the Law Agency team as an Office Manager has had such a tremendously positive impact on my life! Before I started working with the Law Agency, I spent years working various part time jobs that allowed me to earn some extra income while working opposite hours of my partner, so I could stay at home and raise our children. The odd, unpredictable hours, low pay, and giving up having very much family time all together soon took its toll. Nothing seemed to fit very well.

                              Finally, I found the Law Agency! Now I get to work from home, while my children are at school, during normal work hours, and we have our evenings and weekends together again! But equally as incredible is that I get to work a job that compliments my skill set and that I can take pride in. It is a wonderful feeling to be involved with a company that truly helps people and to learn and grow along the way! As if those things aren't all great enough, I earn an exceptional wage and my family and I have been blessed many times by Rita and Martin's generosity! I am forever grateful to be included with this amazing group and the SFG family.

                              Kelli Klosterman

                              Office Manager

                                The three most important things to me in life are my family, my health, and a daily sense of accomplishment. After leaving my fast-paced job as a Recruiter to have a baby girl in October of 2014, I wasn't really sure how I would make it all work moving forward. I did know one thing-- my baby girl and my pre-teen son would come first. I looked for employment briefly while staying home with my newborn, but my husband and I didn't like the idea of a stranger raising her in day care. We also liked that our son could come home after school to his mom and sister, and that I could help him with homework. When my friend Alex came to me one day and asked if I was interested in a part-time work-from- home Office Manager job, working with her for an awesome couple who owned their own agency, I was excited to say yes! I met Martin and Rita, and got to work training with Alex! I've had quite a few jobs in my life, mostly in Human Resources and as an admin/technician for Physical Therapy clinics but never one with the flexibility that this part-time work-from- home Office Manager position has given me.

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